cupid's arrow

Cupid’s Arrow

Walking aimlessly on the Brighton’s pier,
finally a space to call my own, I pondered on all I left behind.
Tears released for the love wrecked and lost,
a tad too late for it but it had to be done.
Breathless, I finally make peace,
a tap on my shoulder snapped me back to reality.
I heard his voice “come on, it cannot be that bad?”
“What do you know?” I uttered…how dare he,
I’ve lost it all before he said and it gets better he mused.
Attraction, desire and affection was on my mind but he was a stranger.
That was my story then…
Love is my story now for I was struck by the cupid’s arrow that day.
And you know the rest!

Dedicated to the love and companionship I found in the form of my other half after meeting him 15 years ago. I am not much of a poet and probably never will be :)  This post has been inspired by The Daily Prompt


Matters of the heart

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So it’s valentine’s day…for hubby and I it is just another ordinary day. If he is expecting a gift or a fancy card, well I will probably say he is finally losing the plot! We do not do valentine’s day, we prefer to do “special”  when we have the quality time and means to enjoy it.  He knows I have a crush on him! If you are a romantic who plays the game by the rules and you are celebrating valentine’s day the traditional way, remember  ” Whatever you do, you should do it with feeling”  because “the heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of” (two cheesy quotes for you… you know it’s true!) I  am a romantic at heart but I guess I am a bit of a rebel and like things my way and on my terms…that’s why I have never received a bouquet of roses from any men and I am OK with it.

Have fun and much love.

My thoughts on Valentine’s  day last year here

Pitcher plant

Flash Friday-Val Riche, Seychelles

Copolia,Seychelles-Hiking Trail-View at the top of Copolia.

Copolia,Seychelles-Hiking Trail-View at the top of Copolia. 

With an altitude of 300-580 metres, the Val Riche-Copolia trail is situated within the Morne Seychellois National Park and a variety of interesting species can be seen there. The main attraction, however, are the Pitcher Plants (latin: Nepenthaceae, german: Kannenpflanzen)

Photo, courtesy of my good friend Lindy who did the trail last week!