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2014 – Listen to your inner voice

When I have difficulty in making a decision that might affect my life, my family and career I always ask myself this question-What’s the worst that can happen?

Asking myself this question means that I can be prepared for whatever negative impact my decision may have on my life. It also prepare me to accept the responsibility for my action and the consequences that may follow.

I always listen to my inner voice or my gut feeling. The times that I have succeeded in my life so far is by trusting my gut instinct, and the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I haven’t listen to it.

Some decisions are really hard to make but at the end of the day I will have the final say over the decision affecting my life. I will probably disappoint people in the process but the ultimate goal is to make the best possible decision. It is my life’s decision  so I will never be able to please everyone.

I have friends who torture themselves about every aspect of their life’s decisions, over analysed the situations and trying to please everyone. I was like that at some point in my life but I no longer relish the idea of torturing myself in the process of finding happiness. I have come to realize that it is my life, my decision and if I do not know what to do, I sit down quietly and wait for my inner voice to emerge. That’s my intuition talking to me.

You cannot let fear hold you back, instead ask yourself  “is that what I want?” Your life’s decision should make you happy and for you to be happy you have to show yourself some ‘tough  love’ so sometimes your decisions have to be courageous and difficult ones. What makes you happy is unique to you so listen to that small inner voice talking to you,weigh up the downside,be brave and trust yourself. There is no easy way out of making life changing decision, it is about trusting your own instinct and judgement and most importantly believing in yourself. Remember your intuition is a ‘sacred gift’.

Blessings and much love for 2014


7 thoughts on “2014 – Listen to your inner voice”

  1. Wonderful, such wise words. I think the inner voice can try and trample you so it’s important to silence the fear, understand it’s normal but not to let it win and to follow your heart. Thanks for sharing!


    1. It took me a long time to trust that inner voice but once the fear disappeared, I could trust my instinct more.You do feel more in control when you go with your gut feelings.Thanks for reading!


  2. So very true. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the intuition from that silly scared voice inside or the one that really gets inside your head and tries to throw you off course. But when you pay attention, your gut feeling is always the right one. The real challenge is tackling the fear – the enemy! My mother-in-law is a psychotherapist and she always taught me that when you make decisions out of love, rather than out of fear, you can never go wrong. Choose love, every time 🙂 Happy New Year!


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