Perfume wardrobe…what’s your scent?

I have been wearing it forever!

I do understand the idea of  a signature fragrance but these days  I find that the world of fragrance is too diverse and fascinating to limit myself to only a single distinctive scent or smell. I love experiencing with different foods, I listen to diverse music and I read different genre of books depending on what mood I am in-my relationship with fragrance is the same. So I do not see any reason why someone who loves fragrance needs to wear only one perfume for years on end.

soft and romantic

I am sincere to certain perfumes because in my down moments (which we all have sometimes) the familiar smells of my favourite perfume do lift up my spirit. Take Cerrutti 1881, my pick me up scent, I have been wearing this perfume for 20 years now and a bottle of  Rose by Paul Smith will always have a place in my perfume wardrobe. A perfume wardrobe is a wonderful idea of enjoying fragrance—a collection of perfumes that contain a variety of scents that are appropriate for different occasions and moods.

I love perfumes, each time I travel, the moment I am in the Duty Free, I head straight for the perfume counter. I must admit though, most of my perfumes have floral scents. When it comes to perfume I will try anything that smell nice, fruity and floral. 

To find a perfect perfume , you need to think about what notes you like, and other scents you’re attracted to. Don’t forget a perfume is made up of notes, the top note is the first hit of scent you smell when you spray it, the heart notes follow which makes up the main body of the fragrance, the base notes are finally released which add depth to the perfume…OK I am sounding like someone who makes perfume for a living-you can tell I am obsess and read too much about perfume! (moving on…)

A scent worth every penny spent!

I love Floral and Fruity perfumes because their fragrances are effortlessly feminine and I will probably say they are the most widely used scents. A floral fragrance can either be a mixed bouquet or a single scent and are often layered with fresh, spicy and fruity notes to add more depth. Fruity scents work wonders with floral. 

Some of my favourite scents

Cerrutti 1881-I purchased  this perfume when I was about 20 years old. I was in Frankfurt and I just saw the name of the perfume ( a bunch of numbers!)I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised by fruity, spicy and quite unique smell and now I  always buy it. When I was younger I received a lot of compliments when I wore it, so I now call it my “pick me up” scent.

sweet,floral and delicate

Rose by Paul Smith– I first tried this fragrance about four years ago. Rose is a fresh and floral fragrance which may I dare say is a sensual and addictive fragrance that gives a soft and romantic scent for the passionate moments in life-enough said!

Prada Amber by Prada– An Investment? This is my justification for buying this irresistible perfume as it is pricey.The scent will be worth every penny you spent! This fragrance is intoxicating in a good way and I use mine on very special occasions. You feel a million dollar wearing this fragrance.

Sexy and elegant!
Pretty by Elizabeth Arden My first encounter with this perfume was three years ago in Australia when my sister gave it to me as a birthday present. Upon my return to UK I bought another bottle and I wear it to work all the time. It smells exactly how it sounds-It’s sweet, floral and delicate… just Pretty!

Heat by Beyonce-I am a great fan of her music so I was quite curious about this perfume…I love it. It’s quite fruity when you first spritz but after a few second on your skin, it is the most captivating fragrance-you feel sexy and elegant. Perfect for a night out! 

My tips for you about perfume

  • Don’t buy a fragrance because your friend wears it, fragrances smell completely different on different people.
  • Spray a little of your perfume into your hair and on the back of your neck for a long lasting scent, alternatively spray your favourite scarf with your signature fragrance.
  • To make sure that your fragrance lasts all day, use a body lotion in the same scent.
  • Always keep your perfume bottles out of direct sunlight, and avoid submitting them to extreme temperature.
  •  Base notes don’t fully release until thirty minutes after application, so don’t make snap decisions on a new perfume, it may smell completely different from first spritz.
  • Don’t base a perfume judgement on how it smells on a fragrance card, perfumes release notes as they warm on the skin, and you need to smell them on your skin, in order to fully appreciate the full scent.

What’s your favourite Scent?


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