You have the power!

January is nearing the end already…It’s another new year (it has been for the past 20 days!) How are you feeling? You are either both full of energy and excitement or you are still hangover from all your failures of last year (come on you need to let that go!). Whatever you are feeling right now, remember you have the power to make 2014 your year. If you want to keep the real zest for life this year just find your purpose. Having a purpose in life promotes self-belief and pride. I believe that a purposeful life makes for a happy one. Be optimistic about whatever you set to do this year. Find out what matters most to you and make a list if you need reminding. Identify your own values and live by it every single day but do not forget to have fun too. It took me a while to realise that life is more enjoyable and bearable when you put the fun factor in whatever you do without forgetting that life is often difficult, and that’s just how it is. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. There will be happy and sad moments this year so embrace life, warts and all. Savour both the good moments and the bad-most importantly live in the present moment. Yesterday’s mistake and failure should not hold you back. Be thankful that you have today. Gratitude is all about enjoying life right now and appreciating what you already have.

Remember- Do not stand in your own way, do not hold back and just be yourself and tell life to “bring it on”

Much love,



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