A Seychelles Signature Dish-Octopus curry

Blogging about something different today! Putting my obsession with a certain woman aside, here I share my recipe for a creamy Seychelles octopus curry.  In Seychelles we all have different ways of cooking Octopus curry and this is my mum’s recipe which I have shared with many of my friends in UK.  I am happy… Continue reading A Seychelles Signature Dish-Octopus curry


The obssession…part deux

Did I tell you her name? I think I did…Lupita Nyang’o.  In my previous post I commented on how stylish she is, today I take a look at her makeup. As a 40+ mummy (no…I have not been mummified but I am a mother!) when I do have the time I take great pride in my… Continue reading The obssession…part deux


Woman crush…she is so stylish that it hurts! me crazy but I have the biggest woman crush on this breathtakingly beautiful and stylish debutant actress. Her name is Lupita Nyong’o;right now she is the hottest rising star and she has been rocking the red carpet lately. Lupita, a Kenyan born is the supporting actress in the film 12 years a Slave which is one… Continue reading Woman crush…she is so stylish that it hurts!


Go on…spread the love

Love is in the air this month. Well, we all know that February is the month of love because of Valentine’s Day but I think February should be revolutionised to be a celebration of love of different kind: an appreciation of all the things that are important to you like family, friends and even cherished… Continue reading Go on…spread the love