Go on…spread the love

spread the loveLove is in the air this month. Well, we all know that February is the month of love because of Valentine’s Day but I think February should be revolutionised to be a celebration of love of different kind: an appreciation of all the things that are important to you like family, friends and even cherished possessions and moments. Use the occasion to bring a whole lot of love into your life. You do not have to be romantically involved to do it! Forget about being wined and dined at an expensive restaurant or presents in fancy red gift bags. Tell your mother, your father, your daughter, your son, your friend or even your pet that you love them and give them a big hug…just spread the love.

Couples; gifts of love need not be expensive on Valentin’s Day-a simple gesture of appreciation will do just fine!

Singletons; you do not have to be alone and feeling miserable-spend it with friends and family or simple indulging in your guilty pleasures such as watching a romantic  DVD, The Notebook is always a good one!

And finally if you have a secret crush; well I will say send that mystery card for a bit of fun! Oh how I wish I could send one to Michael Buble. I will have to settle with listening to his album To Be Loved.

“Yes folks, it’s here the month of love. Celebrate it or hate it, use the occasion to bring a whole lotta love into your life”

Much love from me as always.



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