The obssession…part deux

Photo by Philippe Salamon/ESSENCE
Photo by Philippe Salamon/ESSENCE

Did I tell you her name? I think I did…Lupita Nyang’o.  In my previous post I commented on how stylish she is, today I take a look at her makeup. As a 40+ mummy (no…I have not been mummified but I am a mother!) when I do have the time I take great pride in my makeup. Well to be honest I am a bit of a makeup junkie and also like trying new things, my students will probably say otherwise as I do not like wearing much makeup for work but I do get a bit adventurous with it when I am going out.  Very few women can pull off bold colour combos but Lupita can and she looks stunning. I must admit Lupita’s makeup artists are really good and I have definitely learnt a few tricks by visiting their blogs.  If like me you love her flawless and daring makeup then visit THANDIEKAY for a tutorial! Lupita-NyongO-Beauty-Shot



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