A Seychelles Signature Dish-Octopus curry

Creamy Octopus Curry

Blogging about something different today! Putting my obsession with a certain woman aside, here I share my recipe for a creamy Seychelles octopus curry.  In Seychelles we all have different ways of cooking Octopus curry and this is my mum’s recipe which I have shared with many of my friends in UK.  I am happy to say that my octopus curry is always a hit!

What you need…

1 large Octopus – cleaned and ink sack removed

2 cups of fresh Coconut Milk or 1 can coconut milk

1 spring fresh curry leaves

2 large fresh or dry cinnamon Leaves

Fresh Thyme

1 tbsp Mild Creole Curry Powder

2 tsp Saffron Powder

2 tsp Chili powder

1 1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1 inch fresh ginger

Salt & Black pepper to taste

Ready to cook!

Clean the Octopus and hound with a rolling-pin to tenderise. Roughly chop into chunks in the desired size.

Boil the octopus, in salted water, to tenderise further (about 10 minutes).

When tender, drain and discard the water

Use a large saucepan and drizzle some coconut oil in and add the cooked Octopus. Place over medium heat and toss to coat the octopus with the oil.

Add the spices in with the octopus add the leaves and herbs and toss to coat.

Add the coconut milk (adjust quantity if necessary) and bring to a gentle boil.

Crush the peeled ginger and garlic together. Once the curry had boiled add the ginger and garlic to the mixture.

Reduce heat and simmer till the liquid is reduced. (make sure it does not dry up)

Serve with boiled Basmati rice (Check out the cuisine page for methods of boiling the rice)

Happy Weekend

Much love, LBS


9 thoughts on “A Seychelles Signature Dish-Octopus curry”

  1. Wow Jini! I’m from the land of ‘Everything’ Curry but I never had Octopus Curry before… or as over here we would say “Curry Octopus”. Lol.

    It looks yummy!

    The spices used in your recipe are so similar to ours used in the Caribbean – like when I make Curry Crabs and Dumpling (a signature dish from where I’m from).

    I’m sure the Octopus will taste greattt!


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