A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Let us be honest, we all  experience nostalgia at least once a week and many of us experience it as much as three or four times a week; well, I am one of those people! We all know about the bittersweet emotion of ­homesickness, which makes you long for a time, a place or a person in your past.  I guess living far away from my homeland and losing my father not too long ago has made me so nostalgic. The definition of nostalgia clearly defines how I am feeling at the moment. The word comes from the Greek nostos meaning home and algia meaning pain. I discovered that it’s useful to take a trip down memory lane now and then because the end result for me is life seem more meaningful and death less frightening. Dwelling wistfully on the past, I have become more optimistic and inspired about the future. Looking back fondly on memories makes me so alive and happy. Today, Sunday, as always I miss home but listening to the smooth crooner Sam Cooke made me realise how special my childhood was.

Sam Cooke
Sam Cooke

I was not even born when Sam Cooke died in 1964 but my father who was a music lover, labourer by day and DJ by night brought so much music in our home. I remember when I was younger my friends gave me these perplex looks when I started singing songs from the 1950s and 60s era. Listening to Cooke today, not only brought fond memories of my late father but the time with my friends who’s music taste were so different to mine. For me, music can induce powerful nostalgia and it has always been a favourite way to recall my past, especially the happy times. As long as you are not a neurotic or an avoidant of what is going on in your life at present, indulging on nostalgia can only do you good. Happy Sunday


Much love LBS


3 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane…”

  1. Music has the power to transcend ourselves and others I have been fortunate to have lived through wonderful years of great music and learned from elders of other genres. My mother and her love of all kinds from Irish folk music to the Ink spots. My best friends Dad played Jim Reeves every Sunday and as I grew up from the age of 7 with my first red battery operated player it was my nursery songs. My major influences from the radio was pop thennin my 20’s more specialised into soul and reggae. Music is my sanctuary and as a radio dj working in clubs in way I soon became mindful of the power and influence I had from playing each song. Even those events I recall with my records as well as my own personal ones. A music workshop I conducted with a group of elders far away from the Caribbean living in sheltered housing was truly magical. To see the joy and delight on their faces as I took them somewhere back into their past gave me such pleasure and revealed a care free side of them as they did their dance. It was an old Lord Kitchener album that got them up and at the end they shared a different world way back in time. I left feeling truly honoured. Thank you for sharing, by the way I love Sam Cooke too. What is your fave track?


    1. Thank you for sharing your musical experience. I was brought up in house fill with music thanks to my late father. My best Sam Cooke track has to Change is gonna come and Bring it on home to me.

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  2. We were very fortunate :-). I love Change gonna come especially as it was his very last recording that was going to be on the B side of his latest song at that time.


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