Love and Friendship…The Best Man Holiday

Monday is my work from home day  and I normally dedicate a few hours  to my writing, giving my blog some TLC .The best part of Monday is that  for eight hours  there is no staffroom chit-chat, students, husband or my children (Sorry-just being honest here!). I sometimes refer to it as my ‘Thinking Monday’. However today I needed a laugh out loud Monday and I ended up watching ‘The Best Man Holiday’ which I randomly rented online and little did I know that the film will have an impact on me. I laughed, cried and laughed and cried again. I just wanted some honest laughs out but the film, released during Christmas time last year actually got me thinking and needless to say reminded me of some valuable life lessons:

  • The truth always sets you free, even when it’s tough to swallow.
  • Trying to destroy someone else’s happiness will only diminish yours.
  • Friendship can never exist without forgiveness At some point in your life you will have to forgive the friends you love the most for something and if you can’t, that will be the end of that friendship.
  • Never pretend that you do not need friends because you do and friendship brings out the best in all of us!
  • You lose loved ones, but their legacy never dies-Death happens, but what your loved ones really want is for you to honour them in your heart.


The Best Man Holiday is about friendship, old grievances, misunderstandings, romantic conflicts, death, birth and religion. The film will leave you cringing one moment and wiping the tears from your eyes the next and in my opinion, the message is sincere.

WARNING: Get your tissue box ready!

Much love LBS






4 thoughts on “Love and Friendship…The Best Man Holiday”

  1. I love this movie! Have you seen the first one, it came out years ago? They actually had the same cast members. It’s just as wonderful, but the holiday edition definitely pulls out more emotions. I love movies, and glad you took the time to lay back and relax.
    Best Man ❤
    Best Man *Holiday Edition ❤


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