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Create memories and Happy New Year!

memoryjarThis is my last post for 2014 and for many days I have been thinking…what do I tell you this year? As human beings who are pretty hard on ourselves we always come up with a list at the end of the year and say “This is my resolutions”…well last year I had no list and this year I will certainly have no list either! I will only tell myself to be a better person than last year and keep making change for the better. No attached tick list for me but this is what I have to say. This year makes it a point to create memories, make your own memories with your family and friends. Create one every month and document it. Write it down and put it in a memory jar, take photos and create a scrapbook on the computer or if you are a traditional girl like me, buy yourself a scrapbook and start your ‘Project Create Memories’  2015.


Paperchase scrapbook

On Christmas day I had the biggest and yet the cheapest present from my son. He presented me with this big Paperchase scrapbook (He knows his mummy well!) and it was one of the best present I received this Christmas! I told him this book is going to hold all our 2015 memories. I have added a ‘Project Create Memories’ tab on my blog so that you can follow us and be part of our little family project and share your own too. I challenge you all to do the same and let me know how you get on. Finally, once again, let 2015 be your year, be happier, be beautiful in your own unique way inside and out and create lots of happy memories. Should life be a little harsh on you and throw a storm your way, remember navigating through the storm is tough but not impossible.

Best wishes and much love from  Jini aka La belle Seychelloise and family 🙂

Do let me know how you get on with #projectcreatememories  on:




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