The Story of Desire…My love affair with The One.

Maidstone, on a rainy Saturday.  This is England, it is winter so everything is grey and miserable.  I need a distraction as I am getting tired of sitting at home and waiting for the rain to stop. I want something new and exciting to cheer me up.  As I step out onto Fremlin walk, taking a deep breath and scanning the faces of the excited shoppers under their umbrellas, I know that this is the right decision, just like me they have come for a distraction. However I become aware that what I am about to do is going be costly and I will have to face my husband to confess my sin. I know exactly where I am going. I am beginning to feel guilty but as I head for the door I know that there is no turning back. Inside, a sales girl comes over and greets me and, before I have time to make a U-turn, asks if anything tickle my fancy today. I give her a smile and not wanting to sound too eager I say Desire.   I’ve been hearing about Desire for quite a while but have no idea what it smells like. The sales girl reaches for the tester bottle and sprays the content on my wrist. The smell is euphoric, I am hook and I am in love yet again and I think my husband will kill me this time.


Please do not blame me…you see, Desire,the one by Dolce & Gabbana  is an Oriental floral with top notes of mandarin, lychee and bergamot with hints of jasmine, vanilla infused caramel, sandalwood, and musk. But those are just the facts. The end result is super sensual; the smell is seductive, packaged in matte gold and black, inscribed with Stefano Gabbana’s handwriting.  I have sinned…Can you blame me?  Come on, every girl wants to be seductive…Desire which is by the way my mother’s maiden name, is definitely the weapon. Even if it cost a small fortune; worth every penny!

Then comes the confession…”oh you smell divine” says my husband… I have a lot of explaining to do. What can I say? I am addicted to perfume!


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