Great Expectations…

My daughter at the age of three
My daughter at the age of three

I remember a few years ago when all my friends were talking about having babies and getting married, I on the other hand was not really entertaining the idea. I was this young woman who had no interest in having children. I wanted to see the world, do things that my parents have never done and do well in my career. In my early thirties things change, I guess the right man came along and all of a sudden ‘babies’ was not such a bad topic of discussion!I actually take this job of raising children very seriously now and I do have great expectations from my children. My upbringing was so different — brought up in a different cultural environment to that of my children but what I was taught and the values that were instilled in me are all important lessons worth passing on to my own children.

I want my children to grow up knowing their worth, how important they are and to never let anyone tell them otherwise. They are both at the age (12 and 10 now) where they are finding themselves and desperately want to fit in. I hope they both grow up with some of my wise words…

My son at the age of three
My son at the age of three

• You are more than just what you see in your mirror.
• Always try to be positive as negative thoughts take you a step backward.
• Do not try to be ‘perfect’ just embrace who you are.
• Let people you love know that you do love them and love from the heart.
• Say you are sorry…say it from the heart.
• Failure is not a sin…you will learn from it.
• Always trust yourself.
• Never settle for ‘good enough’
• Give people a second chance.
• Respect yourself…that’s how you will get respect back.
• Always try your best — at everything you do.
• Don’t wait for your world to change – make it happen.
• Always acknowledge your feelings.
• Cherish even the smallest moments in your life.
• Have friends from all walks of life — you’ll learn a lot.
• Time does not always heal so cry if it hurts.
• Smile when you are happy and let the world know that you are.


I hope they let their dream be their North Star so that it will take them where they want to be.

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