Cupid’s Arrow

Walking aimlessly on the Brighton’s pier,
finally a space to call my own, I pondered on all I left behind.
Tears released for the love wrecked and lost,
a tad too late for it but it had to be done.
Breathless, I finally make peace,
a tap on my shoulder snapped me back to reality.
I heard his voice “come on, it cannot be that bad?”
“What do you know?” I uttered…how dare he,
I’ve lost it all before he said and it gets better he mused.
Attraction, desire and affection was on my mind but he was a stranger.
That was my story then…
Love is my story now for I was struck by the cupid’s arrow that day.
And you know the rest!

Dedicated to the love and companionship I found in the form of my other half after meeting him 15 years ago. I am not much of a poet and probably never will be 🙂  This post has been inspired by The Daily Prompt


3 thoughts on “Cupid’s Arrow”

  1. Nice on cuz…one phrase kept juggling around in my mind though “I’ve lost it all before…” guess we all have at a certain point…but the question that ‘s bamboozling me is does it really gets better??


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