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A big question that I sometimes ask myself…How can you expect people to believe in you if you  lie to yourself? Have I ever lied to myself? Heck yeah! When? The many times I promised myself to do something and then I did not see it through. My attitude has changed now…I guess I’ve matured a lot and I no longer spend much time with the ‘Airy Fairy’ 🙂

We  have all come across many people who talk about their massive plans, dreams and aspirations  but  for some reasons these plans are never materialised. When you ask them about the plans,  you never get a straight answer. These are the people we stop believing in eventually as they never stay true to their word.

Having left my native country at the height of my career, I had to do a lot of adjustment to both my personal life and career.  It was family first and career second but I had big career dreams. I am not quite there yet but I have never stop dreaming and I keep focusing on my professional development and strengthening my love for what I do best. I am still building on my  self-confidence and setting myself targets. If there is something my late father taught me in this life is that nothing is impossible to achieve if you really put your heart in it.

Here are 5 steps you can use to see things through:

1.Write things down (To Do List) with a date/year you want to achieve it, this will give you something tangible to ‘tick off’ as you achieve it.You can always make changes along the way.

2.Share your plan with someone you trust because then you will have someone to give you a push here and there when you need it. As human being  we have a tendency of not wanting to disappoint people we are close to so by sharing your plan you know that someone out there is counting on you to achieve your dream.

3. Stretch yourself when you can but always be mindful that there will be obstacles that will alter your plans and you might have to change your To Do List along the way. This is not failure, this is you adjusting to change.I have lost count of the many times that I had to deviate from my plans but I always get back on course.

4. When you have follow through part of your plan,treat yourself. Be proud of yourself and reward yourself for even the smallest achievement. I have a wish list, so when I feel that I deserve a reward for my hard work I will get myself something off my wish list!

5, Finally, when you are busy ticking off your To Do List and Wish List, never lose sight of your friends and family because life without your closest and dearest is not much of a life. Always make time for them and remember to enjoy your journey!



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