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Our Story

Walking aimlessly on the Brighton’s pier, I finally  spot a space to call my own, I pondered on all I left so far. Tears released for the love wrecked and lost and family left behind, a bit too late, but it had to be done, releasing the past . Breathless, I finally make peace, a tap… Continue reading Our Story

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Jealousy is energy consuming!

You cannot live your best life if you are focused on the success of others and feeling bitter about it. Just because your life is not comparable to theirs (probably that what you think) does not mean that what you have achieved in your life is not important. The big mistake that some of  us… Continue reading Jealousy is energy consuming!

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Out Of Time

  I have shared this post before because my feeling and emotions I shared then is still raw now.This photo was taken 15 years ago when I was heavily pregnant with my daughter (my first born). It means a lot to me because that was a happy day, a stroll with my dad on the beach. Tomorrow… Continue reading Out Of Time

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We are the four chickens!

The story of the four chickens....I live with my husband and my two children, my daughter is 14 and my son is 12. We are the four 'chickens'  but we do not live in a chicken coop, we do not cluck or peck and you definitely cannot have any of us for your Sunday roast! You probably… Continue reading We are the four chickens!