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Monday Musing… ‘Home’



“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to” well, that is how I feel sometimes.Some days I wake up and the first thought that comes to mind is ‘just pack your bags and head ‘home’. But where is ‘ home’? When I was younger I wanted adventures away from ‘home’, I am now in an interracial marriage and  a happy one too although life can be such a b**ch sometimes and throw so many obstacles in our path! we live a multicultural life too.  Born and bred in Seychelles with  descendants panning from Africa to France with a great-grandfather who was a Sultan (gosh! I should really  shut up about being royalty  🙂 ) My husband was born in England, raised in Wales with half of his family being Scottish and the other half Irish/English, thus a true Brit! My friends in England think I am mad hanging around in rainy and cold England instead of going ‘home’ and my Seychellois friends said I must be crazy  if I  leave all those amazing opportunities in Europe for my children to come and live in a such a laid back country (by the way I love being laid back ) Now, do you blame me if sometimes I seems to be confused? I have a loving husband and two beautiful children (and wait for it…one born in each country!) but where is ‘home’? At this point in my life I have concluded that ‘home’ is where my children feel happy, building memories, comfortable, have friends and the place they know best.  For that reason, at the moment ‘home’ is England. I miss Seychelles a lot because  this is where my hope and dreams started, all my friends and families are there, all my childhood memories are from there and my father is buried there so when I feel like packing up I tell myself it is okay to miss ‘home’ every so often but I am  ‘home’ here  because my children and husband are ‘home’ too.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Much love LBS


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