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We are the four chickens!


The story of the four chickens….I live with my husband and my two children, my daughter is 14 and my son is 12. We are the four ‘chickens’  but we do not live in a chicken coop, we do not cluck or peck and you definitely cannot have any of us for your Sunday roast!

You probably think I am barking mad.Who in the right mind call themselves chickens. I know what you are thinking…Is she referring to herself and her family as cowards? Wrong! or do they always fail through lack of nerve? wrong again! Surely they are not a family that give up on everything? Of course not, far from it ,most of the time we just bite the bullet and soldier on no matter what is thrown at us and it is quite fair to say that we do get a lot of sh*t thrown at us because we are the chickens.

Now I can see the confuse look on your face. You are lost and you think that I have finally lost the plot but please keep reading.

When my son was about four,we were having a conversation about race because someone had been really unkind to him and called him a freak. After a long discussion and  a lot of cuddles he told me that he understood why some people are mean to us and declared that “we are not freaks mummy (referring to himself and his sister) we are roast chickens.” Now, if you were confused when I started saying we are chickens , you can imagine what was going on in my mind  when my 4-year-old told me that he was a roast chicken. He could see that mummy had no clue what he was talking about so he explained “daddy is a raw chicken, you are a burnt chicken mummy and Jade and I are the roast chickens” My husband and I  were in hysterics that day. I just could not stop laughing and to this day I just chuckle when I think of us as the chickens.

That day I told him that he was right..Daddy is the raw chicken because he spent most of his childhood in the cold and freezing weather, mummy is indeed the burnt chicken because she lived for far too long in the heat of  tropical sunshine and that him and his sister are two perfectly roasted chickens because they have been cooked at the right temperature and seasoned with the perfect ingredients. I said “next time someone call you a bad name, tell them that your mummy said  you are perfect.”

So there you go folks 🙂  we are a mixed race family also known as the four chickens 🙂

Extremely important note: The raw chicken is now partially cooked as he has visited the tropic several times and lived there for while. The burnt chicken, well, she is a  bit paler because the lack of sunshine after 14 years living in Europe made her lose her crispiness. However the two roast chickens still look perfectly cooked!

It does not matter whether you are a roast chicken, a raw chicken or a burnt chicken because you are still a chicken 🙂

Hope our little family story made you smile, if it did, please share it !

Much love,  the Burnt Chicken xxx

Image source: Kathy’s Cottage



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