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Jealousy is energy consuming!


You cannot live your best life if you are focused on the success of others and feeling bitter about it. Just because your life is not comparable to theirs (probably that what you think) does not mean that what you have achieved in your life is not important. The big mistake that some of  us make is that we are too busy comparing  our lives to other people’s lives that we lose sight of where our own life is heading.

No matter how much we might like to avoid it, jealousy is an emotion that will manifest itself from time to time. For some of us, just fleeting moments and for others jealousy can consume their being and it can suck all the happiness and gratitude out of  them;unhealthy for the mental state.

Right now some of  you are probably thinking that you have never been jealousy of anyone.Are you sure though? Not once have you ever wished you had something someone’s got? Well, harmless jealousy is part of the human nature but it becomes a problem in your life when you are on the verge of being ungrateful and not appreciating what you have, instead your energy is spent on what you do not have or hating someone else for what they have achieved. Other’s success is their story, not yours!

It is actually pointless envying the achievements of others and consume yourself with so much jealousy. You have your own purpose in this life and therefore you have to cultivate your own success. If you are the jealous one and forever wishing for what others have,you are being disrespectful to yourself and unkind to your soul. Turn your attention to your own life and simply appreciate what you have. You’ve been working blooming hard to get where you are, no matter how little you think you’ve achieved.

If you have a jealous person in your life (especially family or friend), dismissing them is not always the best thing to do. Show compassion and appreciate what they have, they are on a different journey to yours so  do not rub your success in their face. Like I have said, we all have different destinies and uniqueness in what we do so by showing compassion to ourselves and others when jealousy knocks on our door can help us nurture gratitude, something we all have in us but often times find it difficult to show.

Remember: If you are too busy wishing you had someone else’s life, you are actually missing out on yours!



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