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Monday Musing…The Two Faces of Life


Some of us are born people-pleaser,  others do not give a quack about anyone but themselves. Whilst the latter will not care whether they  get disapproval or rejection for just being who they are, the people-pleaser debates excessively in their mind the effect or consequences of being eliminated for just saying ‘No’ . Too often the people-pleaser forget that they are unique individuals who can actually move on and be who they want to be without validation from anyone. Saying YES and compromising your vision so you can be accepted should never be on your agenda if you actually want to say NO. Sometimes it is okay to be the one who doesn’t give a hoot, only then that you will truly be yourself. Life is about giving and receiving  and acceptance and rejection. Only when you accept these two faces of life that you can truly be whole. Remember you always have a choice and if you are going to say no, say it with conviction.


Have a lovely week.

Much love xxx


10 thoughts on “Monday Musing…The Two Faces of Life”

  1. Exactly! Show people you are worthy by staying by your truths and thoughts, and don’t worry about letting people know that! The other day I said to a friend that I live my life in joy and positivity and she said, ‘but does that mean you never want to say how you feel or rock the boat!’ I said, ‘of course I rock the boat that’s the whole point of being positive!’ Some people think that walking around positive means floating about in a blissful happiness but it doesn’t! It means being true to who you are and having boundaries so you are able to speak out! That is a positive not a negative! Show people you are worthy!


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