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To you my dream reader

Laptop NotebookWriting has always been part of me. When I was a small  girl I used to carry an exercise book around with me and I  scribbled almost all my thoughts in it ( I think some of my friends thought I was a little bit weird!). It was my way of shutting the world out and letting my imagination take over but I needed somewhere to see my magic take place…on paper I could revisit my thoughts. I am no longer that skinny afro eccentric  girl walking around with a screwed up exercise book but  I am now an afro woman (recently acquired status after 27 years of abuse to my natural mop) with blogging rights.  So what do I blog about? I try to live a positive life even when I feel like S***  I try to be as happy as can be (I do have my ‘I’ve had enough’ tantrums but they do not last long!) so I write for those who need some ‘pick me up’ moments. Also the capacity of my brain storage is rapidly diminishing  🙂 so to avoid a crash down I need somewhere to offload therefore the birth of my blog! I have just given my blog a facelift to represent who I am…a ‘love nut’ (google coco de mer if you have no clue what I am on about 🙂 ), bold but simple. To my regular followers; hoping it has been a pleasure for you drop by for the past 3 years and if you are new here, may you enjoy dropping in my little space during 2017 and after!

Much love LBS


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