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It has been a while since I penned something on the blog. I have been unwell and as a result head space was a bit clouded. Sometimes when you are not yourself and unable to carry on with your daily routine, you end up with too much time to think, not necessary thoughts that are of any benefit to you at all given moments but your thoughts are yours and there is no escaping from them.

There are moments when time seems to stand still, moments when for just a few seconds or minutes you remember all the moments of your entire life. Sometimes your past life pursues you and you cannot escape it. You may try to forget who you are at the moment or who you were but it is not going to be easy because someone or something will always come along to remind you. Maybe that is exactly the problem, trying to forget! The only truth is we are our memories and everyone of us will have to live with them, good or bad they are yours to keep. Whatever you do, even if you have changed your life, your appearance or your name the memories are always with you. And the most important ones you can never forget.

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.

The future or the past? At some point in our lives we have to decide which way we want to look. We can either cling to the past to stay with what we know or chose to look to the future, this should be your only fight. Trying to forget memories that have shaped your life for the better or worse is an impossible fight but what you can chose to do is accept the memories, good and bad and  move forward with your life because forgetting is going to be damn hard!

Wishing you a great weekend xxx



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