I am Jeannine (Nicknamed Jini by my sisters), a mother, wife of one, teacher and writer.  I  am  a self confessed logophile  and  I love books, stationeries, perfume and necklaces;the chunkier the better! I own hundreds of DVDs-mostly books turned into movies.  I am a  trained lecturer/teacher of media, communications and film studies. I do some freelance writing and I have been published both in UK and Seychelles.  I am married to a quirky and funny English/Scottish man (Please do take note that most of the time I do not get the British humour but I just go along with it!) and I have two beautiful British/Seychellois children (one born in each country!) My blog is a space to share life experience, inspirations, travel and cuisine (spicy it will be!) Put it this way…my blog is all about the musings of an islander turned into a metropolitan mama! Does that make any sense? Never mind, that’s me again trying to be clever with words! Oh did I mention that I am an islander who cannot swim or ride a bike? Well, now you know!

An interview with myself…
The home I grew up in … is in Seychelles and my mother still lives in it. I visit it every summer.
My home now… is in Kent, United Kingdom. I have also spent a couple of years in Australia.
When I was a child… I wanted to be a Hotel manager because my mother worked in a hotel and I was fascinated by the well-dressed managers there but my love for reading and writing took me in a different direction.
I am very good… at mastering foreign languages, I speak French, English and Creole but I know quite a few words and sentences in other languages so I like to think that I am “almost multilingual” 🙂
You might be surprised…I am a princess… Believe you me! My great grandfather Mohamoud Ali Shire  was  the Sultan of Somaliland and no I do not live in a castle!
The moment that changed my life… was having my first child because life was no longer about me.
What scares me the most… Numbers! Give me a maths paper and I will run a mile.I carry a calculator everywhere. My daughter has been deemed as gifted in maths and that’s a mystery as  both my husband and I are hopeless with numbers!
The one thing I’d change about myself … is my fear of water. I hate getting my head under the water, I  have missed out on learning how to swim properly and sometimes I wash my hair wearing goggles because I cannot stand the water in my eyes…yeah, I’m a weirdo, I know!
What I see when I look in the mirror… a caring person who loves her family and friends.
My real life hero… has to be Barrack Obama for chasing his dream and nailing it!
My real-life villain… is anyone out there who is cruel to another human being.
My style icon… has to be the simple elegance of Michelle Obama but unfortunately I cannot afford her wardrobe and my husband is not planning to run for Prime Minister any time soon!
The best invention ever… has to be the plane. I have visited so many countries.
A book that changed me… Little Women. The determination of the girls and their mother was inspiring. It woke me up.
My favourite work of art… I do not know anything about art and my husband is an artist and art teacher!
My favourite item of clothing… a Phase Eight red dress, I feel glamorous (Marilyn Monroe-esque) when I wear it.
My addiction…has to be bookscoffeeperfume, I can spend a small fortune on a scent!
All my money goes on… paying bills and my children.
If I have time to myself… I read and write.
Most cherished piece of work…A tribute to the late Nelson Mandela which I wrote for a lifestyle magazine in Seychelles. A lot of people bought the magazine to read the tribute and to have a keepsake of the great man.
Any secrets…It will not be a secret if I tell you …well people outside Seychelles do not know that I was a television news presenter in Seychelles before I moved to UK!
Any regrets…just one, changing my travel plan in 2011. I decided to go to Seychelles for Easter 2012 instead of Summer 2011 and my father suddenly passed at the beginning of 2012 and I never got to see him alive that year. It’s been 5 years and I still miss him.
My most valuable possession is…A silver bracelet, a gift from my sister who lives in Australia. I feel  really close to her when I wear it. I never leave the house without it!
Movie heaven… Anything funny, uplifting, romantic and with a killer storyline.
The last album I bought/downloaded ….To Be Loved by Michael Buble and I am slightly in love with him! I recently bought 1989 by Taylor Swift for my 12 year old daughter and I did listen to it! The New Michael Buble album gifted to me by my daughter for Christmas.
In 10 years’ time… I hope to be the person who still loves life and looking forward to the future.
My life in five words… Loved, lucky, blessed, happy and privileged.

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi! You may have received this award already but I just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the world Blogger Awards. Please don’t feel obliged to do anything about it unless you want to. I just needed to let you know that I appreciate getting to know you through your blog! Here’s the link to my post: https://tokillamimingbird.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/a-final-acceptance-speech-made-to-share-33-blog-sites/

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  2. Thank you Jini. You are our princess and you are not without castle. We ( good citizen of a Warsangeli Sultanate/Somaliland/ Somalia and Seychelles ) are your castle. Late Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shire was my hero and any body who descended from him they are my heroes. Your husband and your children are my heroes too. I have three grandfathers who work with the late sultan as a first ministries and top businessman in his goverment ( Warsangeli Sultanate). Osman Hoori,Omar Hoori and Ahmed (Trawil). God bless Seychellois !!!

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