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Monday Musing…Put yourself first when it counts!

You would probably be very unhappy and uncomfortable if someone describe you as selfish. Right? We might be forgiven if we brand people who are selfish on a regular basis as thoughtless and egotistical because everything is about them all the time; a fair judgement.Maybe. However, there is nothing wrong with being a little selfish from… Continue reading Monday Musing…Put yourself first when it counts!

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Monday Musing…The Two Faces of Life

Some of us are born people-pleaser,  others do not give a quack about anyone but themselves. Whilst the latter will not care whether they  get disapproval or rejection for just being who they are, the people-pleaser debates excessively in their mind the effect or consequences of being eliminated for just saying 'No' . Too often… Continue reading Monday Musing…The Two Faces of Life

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Our Story

Walking aimlessly on the Brighton’s pier, I finally  spot a space to call my own, I pondered on all I left so far. Tears released for the love wrecked and lost and family left behind, a bit too late, but it had to be done, releasing the past . Breathless, I finally make peace, a tap… Continue reading Our Story

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Jealousy is energy consuming!

You cannot live your best life if you are focused on the success of others and feeling bitter about it. Just because your life is not comparable to theirs (probably that what you think) does not mean that what you have achieved in your life is not important. The big mistake that some of  us… Continue reading Jealousy is energy consuming!