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It has been a while since I penned something on the blog. I have been unwell and as a result head space was a bit clouded. Sometimes when you are not yourself and unable to carry on with your daily routine, you end up with too much time to think, not necessary thoughts that are of any benefit to you at all… Continue reading Memories

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Addiction To Perfection

Why do you believe that you must be something different from who you really are? Why do you beat yourself up for not always getting it right? Why the blooming heck do you hold yourself to an impossible standard; perfection! The fear that you aren’t enough: you are not smart enough, tall enough, thin enough,… Continue reading Addiction To Perfection

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Find your purpose!

It is nearly the end of February already, it’s another new year and it has been for the past two months!  You are either still  full of energy and excitement to tackle 2017 or you are still hangover from all your failures of last year. If it is the latter, you need to let that go now! Whatever… Continue reading Find your purpose!

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Monday Musing…The Two Faces of Life

Some of us are born people-pleaser,  others do not give a quack about anyone but themselves. Whilst the latter will not care whether they  get disapproval or rejection for just being who they are, the people-pleaser debates excessively in their mind the effect or consequences of being eliminated for just saying 'No' . Too often… Continue reading Monday Musing…The Two Faces of Life