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Out Of Time

  I have shared this post before because my feeling and emotions I shared then is still raw now.This photo was taken 15 years ago when I was heavily pregnant with my daughter (my first born). It means a lot to me because that was a happy day, a stroll with my dad on the beach. Tomorrow… Continue reading Out Of Time

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Create memories and Happy New Year!

This is my last post for 2014 and for many days I have been thinking...what do I tell you this year? As human beings who are pretty hard on ourselves we always come up with a list at the end of the year and say "This is my resolutions"...well last year I had no list… Continue reading Create memories and Happy New Year!


Make every moment count

This week my mother lost her father; my grandfather, two years ago she lost her husband; my father and a friend of mine also lost her husband this week, so it is fair to say that this week has been a downer. I had an amazing forty plus years with my father before he passed and my grandfather… Continue reading Make every moment count